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Chucky Comes Alive!

| General Information | April 3, 2014

Chucky Comes Alive

BEWARE TO WATCH:  For people have ill , especially in the heart.

This would have legit traumatized me as a kid! Heck, even now!

 Charles Lee Ray, also known as the “Lakeshore Strangler,” is a serial killer who is on the run from the police in Chicago, 1988. After his driver and partner Eddie Caputo abandons him in his van to escape the police, Charles takes refuge in a toy shop where he is shot by homicide detective Mike Norris. Knowing he is bleeding to death Charles swears revenge on Mike and Eddie before transferring his soul into a “Good-Guy” doll via voodoo. The ritual causes thunder and lighting that destroys the store but Mike survives and finds the lifeless human body of Charles.

The next day at work, widow Karen Barclay buys the same doll from a peddler for her son Andy’s 6th birthday after he wanted a “Good-Guy” doll. The doll, now possessed by “Chucky” (which is Charles’s other nickname), kills Andy’s babysitter Maggie by having her fall out of the kitchen window after Andy was not allowed to watch updates on television about Eddie Caputo. Mike suspects Andy killed her, much to Karen’s fury. After the police leave, Karen is worried after Andy keeps saying Chucky is alive and tries to tell him Chucky is just a toy.

The next day, Chucky tells Andy to take him to Eddie’s lair instead of going to school. When Andy is away urinating, Chucky enters Eddie’s home and turns up the gas in an oven, causing it to explode after Eddie shoots it. Andy again is a suspect as result, and after blaming Chucky, he is placed in a mental hospital much to Karen’s dismay. Karen, however, discovers her son was right all along after finding the batteries that came with Chucky and the doll attacks her once she threatens to burn him in the fire.

Chucky later sneaks into Mike’s car and almost has him killed by causing the car to crash. Mike lives though and shoots Chucky in the shoulder. Confronting his old voodoo mentor John Simonsen about why he got hurt, John insists he is becoming human in the doll’s body and will become trapped the more time he spends in the body. John refuses to help Chucky, who uses a voodoo doll of John to break his leg and threatens to kill him. John then reveals that Chucky has to possess the person he told that he was alive. Chucky discovers the person he has to possess is Andy, and excited about being “six years old again,” kills John anyway by stabbing his voodoo doll. Before dying, John tells Mike and Karen Chucky can be killed by shooting his heart as it is almost human.

At the mental hospital, Andy escapes from his cell after spotting Chucky. Dr. Ardmore stops him, but is electrocuted to death by Chucky. Andy returns home where Chucky arrives via the chimney. He knocks out Andy and almost possesses him until Karen and Mike save Andy. Angry Chucky stabs Mike in the leg and goes after both Andy and Karen. Chucky gets trapped in the fireplace and is burned, but survives despite being charred. Karen shoots him into pieces, but Chucky remains alive. Finally, after he tries to strangle Jack Santos, Mike’s partner, he is finally “killed” by having his heart shot. After leaving the apartment, Karen and Andy leave as he takes one last look at Chucky.


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