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Say Goodbye to your problems with Diabetes..

| General Information, Health & Benefits, Viral | August 4, 2016


Here some of the symptoms of Diabetes:


  1. Itching in your private part
  2. Cuts or wounds that heals slowly
  3. Blurry vision
  4. Feeling tired
  5. Urinating frequently
  6. Often feels thirsty
  7. Unexplained weight loss

Diabetes can trigger illness such as blindness, heart failure and etc.

Good news:
Natural remedy that could help regulate the levels of your body sugar.


1. Take 10-15 mango leaves, boil them in water
2. Leave it overnight
3. Strain the liquid the next morning then consume it on an empty stomach
4. For better results, drink this solutions for 2-3 months!










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Essensa Naturale – Buha Merah Mix

| General Information, Health & Benefits, Viral | September 13, 2015


Dahil sa pag inom ng “BUAH MERAH MIX”, naghilom ang sugat. 2 bottles lang naubos unti-unti ng nawawala.
Ano ba ang Buah Merah, at ano ang magandang maidudulot nito sa ating katawan?

Buah Merah means RED (Merah) and FRUIT (Buah). It looks like a Giant Corn and/or Carrot.

– Red Fruit is safe
– Red Fruit is 100% Natural – No Side Effects
– Red Fruit can be consumed Long term
– Red Fruit Product has been approved by the FDA Indonesia (No.Reg. POM TR. 053 642 731)
– It is proven to boost immune system

Buah Merah helps those who have cancer, tumor, cyst, infections, liver problem, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, arthritis, hypertension, stroke, prostate irritations, osteoporosis, bronchitis, asthma, and all sorts of generative type of diseases.

It can only be found in 2,000 – 3,000 meters above sea level in Papua New Guinea



Contact us 0942-365-8495 /032-5112041

P350 per bottle +150 shipping

We deliver nationwide through LBC
Thank you
Buah Merah – Cebu

Like us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/buahmerahmixcebuofficial

FDA approved : http://www.fda.gov.ph/consumers-corner/registered-food-products/223648-fr-126878

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BUAH MERA MIX Natural Anti Oxidants

| General Information, Health & Benefits, Viral | September 2, 2015


May kakilala ka ba, kapamilya, kaibigan o minamahal sa buhay na may sakit na Cancer, Diabetes, Prostate Problem, Goiter, Stroke, Gallbaldder stone, Kidney stone, Asthma, Cyst, Leukemia, UTI, Ulcer and any other degenerative diseases?






I-share natin sa kanila itong BUAH MERAH MIX na isang produktong ORGANIC, NON TOXIC, ALL NATURAL, SAFE, NO OVERDOSE, NO SIDE EFFECTS na siguradong makakatulong sa kanilang mga karamdaman.
BUAH MERAH MIX has health benefits:
* Gives Extra Energy & Improve Stamina
* Boosts the Immune System
* Fights Cancer Cell
* Reduces Bad Cholesterol
* Normalizes Blood Sugar Level
* Detoxifies Toxins
Ang BUAH MERAH MIX ay may synergistic combination of 6 supernatural antioxidants( buah merah, mangosteen, barley, guyabano, wheat grass, moringa). Lahat ng ito ay pinag-isa na sa isang produkto kaya highly effective!!
For orders and Dealership PM or contact us 0942-365-8495 / 511-2041

Like us on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/buahmerahmixcebuofficial

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10 Health Benefits of Chili pepper

| General Information, Health & Benefits | July 1, 2015


10 Health Benefits of Chili pepper


1. Assists prevention of Diabetes.
2. Prevents spread of Cancer.
3. Prevent Stomach Ulcers.
4. Good for Heart health.
5. Assists Weight Loss.
6. Anti-Inflammatory.
7. Clears Congestion.
8. Boosts Immunity.
9. Anti-Bacterial.
10.Pain Reliever.


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