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Naturally Increase Height After 22 Years

| General Information, Health & Benefits | February 17, 2015


Bones have two parts the epiphyseal plate and diaphysis, between them a narrow part is present which is known as metaphysis. This metaphysis is basically the growth plate enabling a child to grow but this growth plate completely ossifies between ages of 18 – 25. The xyphoid process of sternum is the last bone to ossify. Due to the ossification of metaphysis natural growth of the height is stopped but there are other ways to increase height after 22. Some inches to the height can be added or at least a person can appear taller with few tips and tricks.


Proper diet and sufficient nutrition is the necessary to increase height after 22. Vitamins and minerals are the catalysts, co enzymes and co factors of several metabolic reactions of the body so there proper consumption in ample quantity is necessary. Most important are calcium, phosphorus, iodine and magnesium. Foods having high amount of Trans fats and saturated fats should be avoided as they are difficult to absorb and also interferes with the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates. The foods which are rich in calcium and essential amino acids necessary for proper growth include carrots, egg yolk, beef, fish, liver, green vegetables, potatoes, nuts such as peanuts and almonds, chicken, beans, peas, apple, banana and all dairy products. As calcium is the main component of bone and is necessary for its elongation, consumption of dairy products is recommended as they are the richest in calcium. Other then this drinking ample amount of water is recommended as it helps in detoxification.

Sunlight exposure:

Sunlight is the best available source of Vitamin D without which calcium cannot be absorbed. Calbindin is calcium binding protein which interacts with TRPV6 and cause active transportation of calcium in the body. This protein is dependent on vitamin D for its functioning. Sunlight exposure converts 7-dehydrocholesterol present in skin to vitamin D thus its maximum exposure is important to increase height after 22.



Exercise is the solution to many health problems and also plays an important role to increase height after 22. There are various stretching exercises such as standing erect with the wall and moving arms upwards and downward while inhaling and exhaling with it respectively, lying on back and stretching right foot towards it and vice versa and bar hanging. Other then this practicing yoga can help in maintaining body posture and in turn increasing height. Different yoga posses include tadasana and bhujang.



Human growth hormone, responsible for growth of human tissues is produced during sleep so proper sleep is the key to increase height after 22. Correct sleeping posture is also crucial. The spine should be erect and person should sleep without the support of pillow or with a low pillow.


Sports which involve stretching of the body such as swimming and cycling can also help to increase height.
Surgery and hormone replacement pills are also common these days but they are not only dangerous but also prove to be a failure most of the times.


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