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Mystery: A Hong Kong baby was born with babies of her own.

| General Information, Viral | June 27, 2015


Babies having babies!




H/T : Daily News

A baby girl who was born with two tumors in her abdomen was actually bearing twin fetuses, the Hong Kong Medical Journal reported this week.

The 8- to 10-week-old “babies” weren’t hers, of course, but were simply fertilized eggs that ended up being absorbed into her body as she developed in the womb.

Both had started sprouting limbs, ribs, intestines and skin. And both sported an umbilical cord to a rudimentary placenta.


H/T: Daily News



H/T: SF Globe

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Mysterious Dancing Light Caught On Cam

| General Information, Viral | June 27, 2015


Strange things had been reported happening around us lately, like the bizarre sound on the sky heard from around the world and the alleged frequent sightings of “UFOs.” Religious groups say the end is coming but science experts always debunked these strange phenomenon. Yet despite their efforts, each time a mysterious sightings appeared, people always acquainted it with aliens and other extraterrestrial activities, and this video is no exception.

HT: Crown Flash

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